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My Pell is an economy and efficient heating appliance made using latest technologies. In concern with ecology, nature, economy and comfort this solution becomes more and more popular and is an alternative for classic fireplaces. Because of perfect realization and applying the best materials, the stove will undoubtedly work in any modern interior.
Thanks to an inbuilt feeder and applied drivers My Pell requires minimal work and engagement. Working with the stove involves touch panel handling which is used to set work modes. The driver has a very intuitive menu making the operating of whole appliance very easy.


Piecyk MyPell w wersji DGP wyposażony jest w dodatkowy wylot ciepłego powietrza o średnicy 100mm pozwalający na rozprowadzenie ciepłego powietrza do wybranych pomieszceń budynku.



Przykładowe wizualizacje systemu dystrybucji gorącego powietrza DGP.



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