The rigorous EU regulations concerning the emissions of boilers flue gases , stoves and other heat equipment are due to be introduced in 2022. However in our offer, we already have fireplace inserts and boilers which comply with the strictest environmental regulations. The worsening condition of the environment is reflected by much more restrictive law regulations according to EU Directive commonly known as Eco design. Research has proven that our products comply with BlmSchV2 and Eco design norms. Not only we offer excellent quality inserts but also protect the environment by minimizing dust and carbon dioxide emissions.


Bimsch.jpgAccording to definition stoves are a combination of convective fireplaces and thermal storage stoves and can be formally classified as accumulative room heaters The regulations concerning this type of devices were included in PN-EN 13229 norm which imposes both the manner they are examined by as well as admissible amount of atmospheric pollutants. In accordance with this document the average carbon dioxide emission must not exceed 3345mg/Nm3, i.e. 3000 ppm. Considering the admissible amount of emissions for stoves the Austrian BlmSchV and BlsmSchV2 norms are more restrictive. The first is valid from 22 march 2010 and determines the maximum amount of CO emission at 4000 mg/Nm3 for the existing devices and 2000 mg/Nm3 for the new devices. In turn, BlmSchV2 norm, valid from 31 December 2014, in case of new devices allows carbohydrate emission at no more than 1250 mg/Nm3 level.



The European Council and Parliament Directive commonly known as Eco design imposes high requirements on fireplaces. It includes all the energy powered devices used in building. In most of the cases the Directive provides solely the requirements establishing rules and criteria used for this type of devices by the implementing authorities, however detailed requirements are provided for the devices which have significant impact on the environment and are characterised by a significant place in the European market. Energy devices in European Union should comply with detailed norms – such as particulates emission range, carbon dioxide or nitric oxide. Eco design refers not only to boilers or heat pumps but also to „wood fuelled room heaters” to which domestic fireplaces which are additional heat source belong.

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