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The three-glazed fireplace has an innovative door closing system that ensures adequate comfort of opening and closing, and the tightness of the hearth. Original design of the furnace is equipped with a system of two deflectors extending the exhaust gas path. It also uses a precise solution for supplying combustion air - Multiflow. The fireplace is finished with a high-quality ceramic sinter with screen printing yielding heat resistance of up to 750 ° C - Black Line. The lining of the hearth is made of durable Ceramiton in two shades: light and black. The quality of the materials used and the design of the device allow it to meet the strict European ecological standards.


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QUARTZ SINTER is a high-quality material resistant to high temperatures, which, next to natural stone or conglomerates, has become a popular finishing material.

In addition, this material is available in a wide range of patterns and colors, the most popular solutions are presented in our offer. Even the most demanding users will also appreciate its unique utility and aesthetic qualities. Quartz sinter is also resistant to mechanical damage. Casings made of sintered quartz are also light, which definitely facilitates their assembly. It is these advantages that made us use the highest quality quartz sinters in our modular buildings.

Its advantages

Proven materials of the highest quality In our company, we do not accept compromises - this applies not only to our fireplaces or boilers, but also to casings. To make them, we use only the highest quality quartz sinters, free of blemishes or other imperfections. We are sure that the customer buying our bodywork receives a high-end product at a favorable price.

Design tailored to any interior. Our enclosures are characterized by exceptional aesthetic values. The classic combination of black with white or gray in the fireplace will create a harmonious whole with even the most demanding interior.

Saving time and money. People who have already had contact with the installation of a fireplace certainly know how time-consuming and expensive this process is. Our ready-made modular housings shorten the time of fireplace housing to a minimum and are much cheaper compared to stone or conglomerate buildings.


Premade kit* for building together with the Defro Home Intra SM C insert. The housing is made of lime-silicate plates and covered with sinters in the following color:






Selected panels add elegance and durability to the housing, which guarantees a ready-made arrangement of the fireplace that fits into any interior.


Housing dimensions:





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