Regulations governing the provision of electronic services

Regulations governing the provision of electronic services


Defro R. Dziubeła spółka komandytowa with its registered office in Ruda Strawczyńska 103 A, 26-067 Strawczyn, tel. 41 303 80 85, e-mail:, NIP (Tax Identification Number) 9591968493, Regon (National Business Registry Number) 363378898, KRS (National Court Register Number) 0000620901 hereinafter referred to as DEFRO or the Service Provider introduces Regulations governing the provision of electronic services, which specifies types and scope of services provided electronically, terms of these services and technical requirements.


Definitions of terms used in the Regulations

  1. The Act - Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services (Journal of Laws of 2017, item 1219, as amended);

1.1.     electronic address - designation of the ICT system enabling communication by means of electronic communication, in particular electronic mail;

1.2.     commercial information - any information intended, directly or indirectly, to propose goods, services or image of an entrepreneur or person perfoming a profession, whose authority to practice depends on meeting the requirements set out in separate laws, excluding information enabling communication by electronic means with a specific person and information on goods and services that is not used in order to achieve a commercial effect desired by an entity that recommends its dissemination, in particular without remuneration or other benefits from producers, sellers and service providers;

1.3.     ICT system - a team of cooperating IT devices and software ensuring processing and storage, as well as sending and receiving data via telecommunications networks using a telecommunications terminal equipment appropriate for a given type of network within the meaning of the Act of 16 July 2004 - Telecommunications Law (Journal of Laws of 2016, item  1489, as amended);

1.4.     electronic services provision - performance of a service provided without simultaneous presence of parties (at a distance), by transmitting data at individual request of a recipient, sent and received with the use of electronic processing devices, including compression or transmitted via a telecommunications network within the meaning of the Act of 16 July 2004 - Telecommunications Law;

1.5.     electronic communication means - technical solutions, including ICT devices and software tools cooperating with them, enabling individual distance communication with the use of data transmission between ICT systems and, in particular, electronic mail;

1.6.     service provider - DEFRO;

2. Electronic services are provided by DEFRO at:

3. Service Provider provides the following services electronically, in particular:

3.1.     newsletter

3.2.     contact form

3.3.     feedback form


4, Newsletter service - consists in free delivery of electronic messages with information on the latest products related to the subject of Service Provider's activities, including promotional and commercial information. Order of promotional and commercial information occurs when the Customer agrees to receive this type of information. Consent is given when the Customer provides his/her e-mail address in the IT system. Providing electronic address, and thus agreeing to receive commercial information from DEFRO via electronic communication in accordance with art. 173 of the Act - Telecommunications Law and art. 10 of the act on the provision of electronic services is necessary for using the newsletter service. Contract for the provision of electronic services is concluded when the Customer activates the service by pressing appropriate link, which will be sent to him/her at the indicated electronic address. The Customer may unsubscribe from receiving the newsletter at any time. To do this, he/she should select link marked as "" attached to each newsletter sent to him/her. Resignation is performed by entering electronic address and pressing the “RESIGN" button. Resignation from receiving the newsletter is tantamount to terminating the contract for the provision of electronic services.

5.Contact form service - consists in sending the Service Provider messages and questions via a contact form related to a subject matter strictly related to DEFRO activities. Sending a message is possible only after the Customer agrees to the processing of personal data in order to be provided a service by providing his/her name and one of the methods via which the Customer wants to be contacted in order to reply - telephone number or e-mail address.  Providing other data is voluntary. Providing an answer is free of charge.

6. Feedback service - consists in enabling the Customer to send individual opinions to the Service Provider regarding the quality of services and goods offered.  Sending opinions is possible after providing content of an opinion in the form. If the Customer wants to be contacted by DEFRO in order to obtain additional information within the scope of submitted opinion, he/she should include information about a telephone number or e-mail address through which the contact should be made. The Customer may provide additional data in the opinion, such as product photo, name and surname. Providing these data means consenting to their processing in connection with and for the needs related to obtaining a detailed opinion or contacting the Customer. Posting opinions and responding to sent opinions is free of charge.

ooo7. Service Provider provides services to the Customer within the scope and under conditions set out in these Regulations, and the Customer agrees to comply with it.


ooo8. Using the service provided electronically involves the risk of: infecting the IT system with unwanted software causing damage, hacking attacks. It is recommended for the Customer to have, for example, an antivirus program or take other actions to minimize the risk of such and other undesirable events. Service Provider is not responsible for technical problems which are the result of a faulty operation of equipment in posession of the Customer, and also for lack of appropriate parameters enabling data collection. Service Provider shall not be liable for risk associated with using services provided electronically, and thus for damage not resulting from its fault or negligence, as well as for damage caused as a result of Customer’s actions or actions of third parties.   


9. Technical requirements: computer, laptop, telephone or other multimedia device with access to the Internet with a web browser, access to e-mail, enabling the option of saving Cookies and Javascript in the web browser. When using the website and services, the Customer is obliged not to use them in an unlawful manner, not to infringe personal rights, copyright of the Service Provider, as well as of third parties. Service Provider is not obliged to verify transmitted, shared content entered by the Customer to the Service Provider's ICT systems, and if it obtains information indicating a reasonable suspicion of an illegal or unlawful act or activity related to such behavior, it may remove such content and suspend access of the Customer .


10.    Service Provider reserves the right to conduct maintenance works of the ICT system, which may cause temporary difficulties in access to services. The Customer is not entitled to any claims for damages from the Service Provider in such situation.

11.    The Customer is obliged to enter data compliant with actual state, and Service Provider is obliged to keep these data secret . Details regarding processing of personal data are included in the Privacy Policy.

12.    Complaints related to free of charge electronic services may be submitted in an electronic form to the following e-mail address: together with an indication of the problem. Complaints are dealt with within 14 days, at which date the Customer receives a response.

13.    Service Provider reserves the right to change provisions of the Regulations.

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